Work Terms & Conditions

Free Website

  1. Only one (1) free website per client.
  2. Hosting includes:
    1. One (1) GB of online storage (including any files required by WordPress and;
    2. One (1) sub-domain in the domain;
    3. Setup of WordPress, a default theme, and logos provided by client;
    4. Setup of three (3) pages, including contact form.
  3. Website is free for only six (6) months from date of creation by
  4. Any time the client wants or needs more space, better reliability, added features or extend beyond the six (6) months, they have the option to move to a paid contract. If no new contract is signed between client and the website will be decommissioned.
  5. reserves the right to refuse applications for a free website without providing any justification.
  6. While all content and IP of the website will remain of their respective owners, the code, configuration and hosting space will remain the property of
  7. will setup the website and the initial configuration, but it will be up to the client to ensure the content is correct and up-to-date.
  8. does not take responsibility of the quality, correctness of the content and it takes no liability for any claim done on the client.
  9. retains the right to monitor the website for illegal, immoral or controversial content and take action to take down such content, with or without advance warning to the client.
  10. retains full control of the CMS, including the themes, plugins, configuration and integrations. Access to any feature is by request of the client and up to the discretion of
  11. Only free or open-source themes, tools and plugins will be used to build the website and no additional cost will be incurred by
  12. does not give any guarantee on uptime or performance of the website and is delivered on a best-attempt basis.
  13. retains the right to change or add any terms and conditions as it sees fit, including anything back dated.